Different Types of Bicycles

Biking is one of the few sports or leisure activities that everyone can enjoy on a regular basis. Just as the saying goes, once a person learns how to ride a bicycle, they will never forget how to ride it. Being one of the most popular activities, biking has definitely opened up an entire brand of products that has taken over the market, and these are bicycles.

With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more bicycles are being upgraded and improved to cater specific environments. These bicycles have become specialized and equipped with features that are geared towards the different purposes of biking. Because of this, there are many different types of bicycles that riders can choose from depending on which biking activity they will partake in. The following are different types of bicycles that people can ride.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have become a popular type of bicycle because of how accessible mountains are now. Especially that there are actual bike tracks created specifically for cyclists. Cyclists are able to ride their mountain bikes up to high altitudes with the strength and quality of a mountain bike. Designed for off-road biking, mountain bikes are for those who love to go on an adventure. Being able to enjoy nature all the while getting some exercise done is definitely one of the perks of purchasing and riding mountain bikes.

Road Bikes

For those who are living in places where the roads are paved, road bikes are particularly popular because it does not lose the speed factor. Many people drive cars because they can go at a faster speed. But the problem with that is that it causes traffic. On the other hand, road bikes are traffic efficient and can pick up speed as well. Although it is not as fast as an actual vehicle, road bikes are still pretty fast for something that does not have an engine.

City Bikes

Busy streets full of pedestrians and vehicles stuck in traffic can be one of the worst parts of a person’s day. If work was already stressful enough, how much more is it for people to just stay in their cars and wait for hours for the traffic to move. Of course, it depends on the congestion and the population of the city. But that is the big issue with cities. One popular avenue for transportation is a city bike. Countries like Japan actually encourage their citizens to ride bikes to get from place to place to minimize traffic. City bikes are useful modes of transportation, especially when living in a bustling city.

These different types of bikes are for specific purposes and customers need to know first what they are going to use the bike for before deciding which one to get. Ira Ryan Cycles reviews all these types of bicycles so that customers can determine the features and specifications to look for when choosing a bicycle. Visit their website for a more detailed review of these different types of bicycles.


More Power Equals More Performance

How To Increase Power On Your Dirt Bike

We all want to get the best performance from our dirt bike. If you have the need for speed and want to see the speedometer breach the 120 mph level, you would definitely want to rev up the power of your dirt bike. Here are five ways you can give your ride an additional boost.

Invest in high free flow filters

With a high free flow filter, air comes in without any obstruction. If your dirt bike is a stock model, it will come with a particular ratio of air and fuel. So if the ratio of the stock is 5:1, this means there is 5% air and 1% fuel. Considering a free flow filter means you should also consider increasing the fuel ratio. You can do this through re-jetting.

Re-jetting means burning all fuels by changing your spark plug, cable, and getting a high-performance ignition coil for enhanced and high voltage burning of fuel.

Increase the air intake

This is the easiest and cheapest way to get the best performance from your dirt bike. You can increase air intake by 50 percent by putting on a mushroom head. A stock model will help add more turbulence and reduce airflow, while an aftermarket version will provide the right balance of air filtration and boost airflow for the best performance.

However, a mushroom head may increase fuel consumption which would cause the thinning of air mixture. To fix this, you need to adjust the carburetor of your dirt bike. A slight adjustment could lead to a low-speed and high-speed air mixture ratio adjustment which could lead to a normal air mixture ratio.

Add lubrication to the chain

A rusty or dirty chain could cause your dirt bike to lose horsepower, resulting in poor handling. The market offers lubricating oils to enhance the performance of your dirt bike. There are high performance lubes on the market you can consider. It is, however, important to choose the right lubricant as the wrong choice could greatly reduce the performance of your bike.

Consider Modifications

Modification is one of the most popular ways to increase the performance of your bike. For example, you can modify the ignition system to give your bike more spark and energy. You can also opt for a bigger control angle or get a better spark plug.

Another modification you can consider for your bike is changing your exhaust system. Doing this could improve the performance, appearance, and sound of your bike. It will also lead to a weight reduction on your bike, giving it more horsepower.

Reducing Gear

Another way to boost the performance of your bike is to lower the gears. You can do it by either changing the front or rear sprocket. You can either choose a front sprocket with one less tooth or a rear sprocket with more teeth. While modifying the front sprocket is much easier, it could result to a damaged counter-shaft. You are better off changing the rear sprocket.

With these tips, you can look forward to getting the best mileage and performance from your dirt bike.