Popular Motocross Teams

Motocross Teams that You Need to Watch Out

With the next competition just around the corner, motocross fans from around the world are eager to know which motocross teams would likely to win this year’s motocross championship. Because of the number of teams playing in the competition, predicting the results of the race early on is an impossible feat, but nonetheless, you could still predict the outcome based on the team’s performance.

Each team has their own specific strength and weakness when it comes to racing, but there are others that push their skills to the limit and rise above others. Here are some of the teams that you need to look out for this upcoming competition.

  1. MONSTER ENERGY KAWASAKI – This team has been competing in various motocross races for a long time now, with its current roster, Eli Tomac, and Josh grant, the team is set to win the next big motocross competition they enter. MONSTER ENERGY KAWASAKI has already won 2 championship tournaments throughout their career, so you better watch out for this team.


  1. TEAM HONDA HRC – With two of its racers in the top 10 rider standings, you know that this team means business, with more than 20 years of motocross experience this veteran team has the experience and the motors to win any motocross championship they enter.


  1. FACTORY YAMAHA – featuring its new Supercross/Motocross team composed of Chad Reed and Cooper Webb, Factory Yamaha is back on track with their new line-up. This star-studded team will take on any racing competition head-on, and proof of that statement is that Cooper Webb has won numerous amateur competitions including the winter Olympics.


  1. RED BULL KTM – One of the most famous teams in the sport and possibly the best one yet, this team is why there is high competition in motocross racing. Built for speed, the team is set to win its next motocross competition that they will enter, with its riders  Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, and Dean Wilson, racers will have a tough time beating this competition.

There are many more teams out there that could rise up in the upcoming competition, but these are the teams that you need to look out for. With their honor and names on the line, you can expect a fierce battle between these teams in the next world Motocross championship.